A hard driven career woman, who has never been the type of person to take credit for the things she has done. It is such enthusiasm that keeps her on top of her game, and she is the key player in her affiliation to many organizations she’s involved with actively. She has always the passion to serve fellow being. Her goal is to get involved and be proactive with any organization’s objectives.

Ellen Samson is a Geriatric Care Manager with extensive training and experience in Senior Care Management and Dementia Care. She trained under Teepa Snow, one of America’s leading educators in Dementia studying Positive Physical Approach to Care. She is currently the CEO of American Geriatric Care Management, a licensed Home Care Organization and a full-service care management company. She is also the Founder / EVP for Arete, a business incubation company, and American Care Professional, a healthcare referral agency. Ellen’s trademark workshop Dementia: Up Close and Personal (Preserving family relationships at the onset of Dementia) have been very well attended giving a significant difference in the lives of the participants.

She is the President of the Filipino American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Los Angeles (FACCGLA), currently a Board Member of the Roaring 90’s Club, a social club for senior aged 90 and above and Founder/President of the Filipino American Caregiving Association. Amidst all the success at work and community involvement, she is the biggest supporter of her family, no matter how grueling her schedule may be. Lastly, she advocates unity for all Filipinos despite cultural and traditional diversities because holding on together as one family, can beat all odds for the sake of our beloved country and its people.

Ellen Samson likes doing things differently, and she excels in it.

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