E.C. Ferrer CHB, Inc. is a licensed Custom House Broker, a licensed Freight Forwarder ( Ocean Transportation Intermediary), and a Licensed Property Broker for Interstate or foreign commerce in the transportation of freight by motor vehicle. E.C. Ferrer CHB, Inc. started operation in 1985 and evolved through the years to provide a logistic global package solution in the movement of cargo from origin to destination in solid partnership with worldwide reliable and trusted transportation agents and associates. E.C. Ferrer CHB, Inc. strives to be the most sought after international logistics provider because of our ability to provide professional, cost effective, and consultative customer service. To be at the forefront in acquiring the latest technology and methods of cargo movements are critical in our list of service priorities. With years of experience in our industry, we want our clients to have peace of minds and know that the job was timely and compliantly done.

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